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About this FAQ

$Id: rawfaq.texi,v 1.37 2000/09/01 06:34:57 andrew Exp $

This FAQ was originally begun by Patrick Horgan in May 1996; I took it over after it had been lying idle for several months. I've reorganised it a bit and added some stuff; I still regard it as `under development'. Comments, suggestions, additions, corrections etc. should be sent to the maintainer at: <andrew@erlenstar.demon.co.uk>.

A hypertext version of this document is available on the WWW. The home site is located at http://www.erlenstar.demon.co.uk/unix/faq_toc.html. A US mirror site is available at http://www.whitefang.com/unix/faq_toc.html.

This document is available by FTP from the news.answers archives at rtfm.mit.edu and its many mirror sites worldwide. The official archive name is `unix-faq/programmer/faq'. Sites which also archive *.answers posts by group should also carry the file under the `comp.unix.programmer' directory.

Other sources of information are not listed here. You can find pointers to other FAQs, books, source code etc. in the regular [READ ME FIRST] posting that should appear weekly in comp.unix.programmer. Administrivia regarding newsgroup conduct, etc., are also found there; I want to reserve this document specifically for technical Q's and A's. All contributions have been edited by the maintainer, therefore any errors or omissions are my responsibility rather than that of the contributor.

This FAQ is now maintained as Texinfo source; I'm generating a raw text version for Usenet using the makeinfo program, and an HTML version using texi2html.

Copyright © 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 Andrew Gierth. This document may be distributed freely on Usenet or by email; it may be archived on FTP or WWW sites that mirror the news.answers archives, provided that all reasonable efforts are made to ensure that the archive is kept up-to-date. (This permission may be withdrawn on an individual basis.) It may not be published in any other form, whether in print, on the WWW, on CD-ROM, or in any other medium, without the express permission of the maintainer.

List of contributors in no particular order:

Andrew Gierth <andrew@erlenstar.demon.co.uk>
Patrick J. Horgan withheld
Stephen Baynes <stephen.baynes@soton.sc.philips.com>
James Raynard withheld
Michael F. Quigley withheld
Ken Pizzini withheld
Thamer Al-Herbish withheld
Nick Kew <nick.kew@pobox.com>
Dan Abarbanel withheld
Billy Chambless <billy@cast.msstate.edu>
Walter Briscoe <walter@wbriscoe.demon.co.uk>
Jim Buchanan <jbuchana@buchanan1.net>
Dave Plonka <plonka@doit.wisc.edu>
Daniel Stenberg withheld
Ralph Corderoy <ralph@inputplus.demon.co.uk>
Stuart Kemp withheld
Sergei Chernev <ser@nsu.ru>
Bjorn Reese withheld
Joe Halpin <jhalpin@nortel.ca>
Aaron Crane <aaronc@pobox.com>
Geoff Clare <gwc@root.co.uk>

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